Well, this is awkward. And if you're in the throes of raising virtuous little girls who would never do this, then read with caution. Peter and I decided to tackle a family challenge this year: the four of us will work together to memorize a verse from every book of...

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A Letter to Gracie

An open letter to Gracie Parrish, the young widow of fallen warrior, Deputy Zackari Parrish, who was killed responding to a call in our community last Sunday. Dear Gracie, You looked so beautiful today, dear one. I have watched from afar, as your husband's motorcade...

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New Year, New Word

It's time. New Year: New Word. I want to learn. I have some specific things I'm working at learning, and I want to be intentionally open to what I don't know that I don't know. I am most energized and fulfilled when I am actively learning. Learn more about my craft of...

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Who Spiked the Eggnog?

"Hey, Mom, I would spike the eggnog for a dollar." My son said this. And my eyebrows went up. "I'm sorry?" "If you paid me a dollar, I'd spike the eggnog." Now, we do have a long family history of dollar bets. They are good and funny and always about making the memory...

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My Own Christmas Miracle

Have you ever read a letter to someone else and felt absolutely certain it was written to you? It's an odd thing. Like eavesdropping and finding the clue to the golden ticket. It's a holy thing, that moment. I was reading Isaiah for a different reason when I happened...

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The Artist’s Blessing

My fellow artists, makers, thinkers, crafters, creatives, Have you ever wondered where your ideas come from? Whether they're yours or entirely and wholly other? Ever wondered how these ideas find you, whether you generated them or if they're floating around waiting to...

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Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

Peter and I introduced the boys to Survivor. Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. The social game of getting to the top without burning all your bridges, lest one forgets that all those eliminated after The Merge will hence be on The Jury. My kids are in. Saturday night is...

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Good Morning, December.

"Good morning, December. Welcome back, lovely one. I'm kind of bored with you." These were my first thoughts this morning. I confess. They're not pretty. I've spent quite a few years now numbing myself to the sights and sounds of December. The month begins, and I wrap...

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You Can Do This

#1 New Title on Amazon in Women's Issues!


Let's Pretend We're Normal

#1 Bestseller on Amazon in Single Parenting


And Life Comes Back

#1 in Denver Post: Nonfiction Paperback and Finalist for 2015 Christian Book Award

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