November 9-11, 2018
Women’s Retreat
Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado

March 15-17, 2019
Open to Men and Women
Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Pen and The Page:

Exploring Writing as a Spiritual Discipline


A Weekend Retreat featuring

Tricia Lott Williford

and her book, You Can Do This: Seizing the Confidence God Offers

Who is this for?

This writers’ retreat targets writers of every skill level, from beginning to advanced.  For the novice writer, the teaching equips them to tap into the content of their story and begin a practice of writing every day. For the experienced or published author, this model brings them back to their roots, perhaps getting them “unstuck” and re-energized with a daily approach to their craft. For all writers, this weekend presents a style of writing that fosters spiritual development and personal growth. I have piloted this model with women, but it is open and appropriate to men and women alike.

What are the writers saying?

“I wanted to write about my daughter when she was a toddler in her high chair, about how joyful she was.  How she giggled when I fed her. But then all of a sudden, I remembered my alcoholic dad throwing a plate across the room.  It hit the wall, and the plate broke.  I have to write about that.  I need to think about that. I have some healing to do.” ~ d.

“My mother died twenty years ago, and she was not a good mom. But she was a good cook.  We had a lot of needs that she couldn’t meet, but she always fed us well.  Today, I wrote about her food. I’ve been grieving recently the awareness that I can’t remember her very well anymore, but as I was writing, I began to actually taste her food in my memory. I know that writing has nothing to do with activating my sense of taste, but I feel like the Holy Spirit gave me that gift, those memories that I thought were gone forever.” ~ j.

“All of a sudden, I understood my mom.  The only thing she wanted, through all of my childhood, was to have all four of her children get along at the dinner table.  And we never gave it to her. We never gave it to her.  I’m a mom now, and I understand her.  I get what she wanted, and I see now why that was so heartbreaking to her.” ~ d.

The Take-Away

I want to invest a weekend to teach the spiritual discipline of writing so that you may have:

  • An awareness of your own story and a strategy to tap into that source of content.
  • An understanding and a solid start with the spiritual discipline of writing. This is a habit you can practice for ten minutes a day, and you can know your own story and begin to heal your own heart.
  • Communion with God. When you invite the Holy Spirit into your writing practice, he guides your thoughts, and it becomes both a meditative process, and a conversation with your Creator. You can sit down with God and invite him to show you what to think about today. You can discover a collective effervescence when the pen meets the page, as He will reveal things to you that you could not cultivate on your own.

Interested in hosting The Pen and The Page for a weekend in your community? Let’s Talk.

Read more about how this event came together here.

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